In recent years I have decided to check for myself if it was possible to save money (dollars, bitcoin and other currencies) on the internet.
Most of the cases turned out to be fraud. But only a few sites have made me any real profit.
The reason why I continue with this method is because of two necessary factors: profit and time.

It is not to become a millionaire, nor to replace a job.
But dedicating very little free time a day (minutes or even seconds) you can save in dollars and cryptocurrencies without investing (free), and I share them with you.

FREEBITCOIN (Recommended!)

FREE: Earn satoshis (bitcoin fractions) every hour with one ROLL click and for recommending. Rewards, Betting, Multiply and more!

Btc Clicks

FREE: Earn satoshis (fractions of bitcoin) by watching ads every 24 hours and by recommending.


FREE: Earn dollars by watching ads every 24 hours and by recommending. Also surveys and games.

IMPORTANT: only available on desktop PC (not valid for cell phones or tablets)


FREE: Earn dollars by watching ads every 24 hours. Also surveys.


FREE: Earn with surveys and for recommending. $0.01 daily insured with micro survey.

FaucetPay (Wallet and Exchange)

FREE: Earn in bitcoin by watching ads every 24 hours and by recommending.

I want to tell you that…

  • All recommended sites can be used on mobile (except Neobux only on desktop PC).
  • The links on this page are verified and currently paying (December 2022)
  • They are all free and without experience (those who invest have a plus like Buenbit).
  • They require spending a few minutes a day.
  • If you have any questions write me here to recommend tips.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for these sites or any changes to the terms and conditions of use thereof. Sites that are periodically reviewed to check their operation are only shared for informational purposes, leaving it to your free choice.

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